Videos that I or friends of mine have made, further down other misc. videos.

My movies:

link   My buds 1991 Lincoln Town car at the track - bone stock 4.6, AOD and open highway-gears rear end! - 100 shot of Drytastic Nitrous and a CAI :) Next on the agenda? Less cats, more gears, even more nitrous.

link   G-Rants truck doing a burnout in 2-LO 3rd gear :)

link   Grant in his Toyota Pick up, driving over, or atleast trying to - My Volvo

link   The last of the footage ever taken of the old tercel, little bit of fun in snow :)

link   The 2.0 Compilation of my little Tercel 4WD Rally car :)

link   2006 Ford Five Hundred piece of shit rental ...

link   2001 Chevrolet impala rental car ... Doing what feels natural ;)

link   Sunday relaxation race with Nissan Skyline, Honda Integra turbo, Audi S3, etc... - by *BravoDude* in denmark

link   My lil Volvo, we decided to finish off that tire from last nite :)

link   My lil Volvo, she's such a crowd pleaser :) (burnout plus cool exhaust soundingness)

link   CSCC Winter Autocross (WinterX) Event #3

link   CSCC Winter Autocross (WinterX) Event #2

link   CSCC Winter Autocross (WinterX) Event #1

link   One of my buds from Edmonton and his friends all doing burnouts, donuts, drag racing, etc. In case you're wondering ... Yes, that RX-7 has a small block chevy in it! :)

link   My tercel in a snowy parking lot, 4wd for teh wins!

link   My latest purchase a 1927 Toyota Corona with a 305 SBC in it :) Just taking it for a spin before I pull the motor and start fixing, what some hillbillies did :)

link   Only one of my Audi 200 to escape the harddrive crash :( - This is when I put on my 2.5" exhaust, sounds pretty nifty ;)

link   A compilation of me racing my ghettofied rallyfied 86 Toyota Tercel 4WD :)

link   '95 Firebird Formula doing some practice oversteer on a local parking lot, god I wish that thing had a more humane weight distribution! It's fucking brutal!

link   This is me Fucking around in a Dodge 1500 with 5.7 liters of hemispherical fun :).

link   This is me doing some burnouts and handbrake-related drifts in a Hyundai Accent 1.5 SOHC Automatic piece of SHIT.. still fun though.

link   This is a re-release of Kim2770 drifting an AE86, however, this time around there is cool music and alot more footage, as well as some nice donuts! :) Once again, way to go Kim!

link   This is me semi-drifting my buddy's 300 dollar beater Celica GTS :).

link   This was a crazy ice-night, so we took another Celica GT up to 180 km/h - standing still! - ;)

link   This is my cool buddy in his friends AE86, Showing us HOW IT'S DONE! :) Way to go Kim!

link   This is my buddy Kim doing some trackdaying in Denmark!

link  This is me driving around a small town in Germany, also over New years - this video isn't very exciting - but its got a shitload of me playing around in an Audi, and me playing around on Final Cut Express afterwards :) Anywho, I think its a semi funny movie, so if you want, go ahead and download it.

link  Over new years, I was back home in Denmark, and got a chance to hang out with my friend who thought we had to do some donuts/burnouts in his Toyota AE86 :)

link  This I just dug out from the deep trenches of harddrive hell, this summer my buddies and I were out camping, and in the process this was filmed :) Oh, the cast is a Nissan 4banger and a Dodge Dakota.

link   This is an older release of mine, however I have just recently recovered it for putting it here, it is my good friend in his old BMW e30 (seen further down on a dyno) fucking around on a parking lot, burning out, halfdrifting, brakestanding and there are also boobs, however only for a second, this is a good video :)

link    This is another friend of mine in his Opel Manta, he now has a BMW e30 and I hope to make a few vids of it soon, however for now here is him e-braking and burning out a little bit all over a parking lot, good stuff!

link    This is when we rented a Ford F-150, took the exhaust off and did burnouts all day, those were the days!

link    Well, this is me driving my friends minivan, he said it doesn't do proper e-brake stuff, so I had to show him.

link    OK, this is my buddy back home driving a rented car through a roundabout, those crazy "traffic improving" motherfuckers that kill all sorts of people? yea. Anywho, he took this fwd half minivan half craptaculous-mobile round this thing untill it started going sideways, it was fun :)

link  This is me in (I think?) 2001, doing a brakestand in reverse in this here 3L Diesel limo that we rented, OMG a pos :) worst burnout ever, if it's even worth calling it that :)

link  A slightly risky 'undertaking' of a truck on the highway some unknown place in europe, this was also done in the mercedes. You might want to notice the can that wants to come in. It is being punished, so we're gonna let it stay outside a bit longer, OK?! It's a spilly can! BAD CAN!

link    my good friend's old beater bimmer, doing a dynorun, rather humorous considering the shape it's in and what it cost him :)

link  My old BMW on a dyno, I love the sound the engine makes! Nohthing sings quite like a straight six

link  Yet another fine 'undertaking' by the shitty ass diesel limo, this was sorda shady, but hey - it got caught on tape, nobody died and its a loong time ago, so let's just enjoy - mmkay?
link  This is when my friend was moving up north, we had to see if the U-haul truck would do a brakestand, and yes... yes it would :) (on snow albeit, but still!)

link  heh, a funny movie we did because this damned limo was SO boring (no donut fun, no nothing!) so, well, we "tested the brakes" a few times :))

link  This is one of the coolest guys alive, doing his thing in the world record kleemann mercedes e55K, gotta love that sound, that power, and that skillful driving (this is a handicap car, brake and gas are on two levers on the right side of the steering wheel)

link  We got a little peg-leg action going with the diesel limo, pretty fun

link  the U haul truck from earlier doing a partial donut in the snow :)

link  here we have her again (the U haul truck) doing a full amazing donut in the snow!

link  My buddy's 1982 Camaro lighting it up on ... gravel?! ... anywho, it has an amazing 140 hp :) Watch in awe (good burnout thoe, actually :))

link  ok, this is my beloved friend from Denmark in his old car (this is very old footage), a twincam ae86 GTS, I lost the original footage, so... here is this bastardized version :) My funny friend though it'd be a laugh to overwrite the original rather awesome audio with ... him and his buddies drunkenly immitating car sounds... very odd, rather funny.

link    I found the original! Here you go, a Toyota Corolla AE86 GTS with the Trueno front (I think) doing a donut on the streets of copenhagen denmark, that lil 4AGE sounds awesome even completely stock when at sealevel and in a non open area, yay :) Download now!

link  This here is my friend in his Firebird 1995 LT1, its a rather nifty machine, good vid here with some top speed and some showing off in a parking lot, all very good stuff:)

link  This is a single file from my collection of 2 gigs of movies from DHB (something I recorded) this is from DHB 2002, and this is us going to DHB from another place, in... a rental car :) Muahahaha

link  This isn't actually car related, its just something jackass-like my buddies and I recorded back in the day, this is sort of a sample, check it out.

Other movies:

link  Not mine, I put this here because I love BMW's and this shows how fast and seamless/easy/civilized the process of going from 0 to ~200km/h in a BMW 850CSi is, so.. go ahead

link  OK, not my production either, another norwegian fellow who REALLY knows how to control his volvo, WHOA :)

link  Not mine, this is the fastest video EVARRRR!!oneone, this here bike goes up to a calculated ~400km/h before slowing down - g'damn I said

link  Not mine either, cool aussie who dropped a nice 350 in an L300 minivan/cargovan/crappycar - it is amazing :)

link  The obligatory ~900hp supra drifting like a madman (not mine, ofcourse)

link  (not mine) this here is a tiburon (which sucks) with two engines (which rules) - YAY! This is a very neat setup, its fast, and does thee single most interesting burnouts evarrr...rrrr... ... RRRrr

link  (not mine either, allthough I wish), 1000+hp big ass custom V8 with two pretty turbos, this mod is done so nice, it is just pure art, OMFG! this damn thing pegs the dyno, and SPINS on the dyno, I wish I'd drive that to school every morning ;) Except maybe in the winter...

link  (not mine) very cool guy in Denmark, I mean... Germany, checks whether his Lotus Omega running at a mere 0.4Bar of boost will still do a ~300km/h, and... well you have to see to find out. Its good stuff it really is.

link  (not mine) another crazy dual engine beast, this is a 2x2.0 i4 turbo setup in a rather small opel :)

link   OK, this is not my production, this is some cool norwegian fellow who with ~375,000KM on his 740 Turbo (volvo) still does burnouts and donuts and stuff :) Built to last indeed!

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