Welcome: This is my little corner of the intarrweb, I've made a fair amount of car videos, and they are all here. I also host my friends car videos... so, I guess you might want to call this site a car video site? OK, sure, whatever floats your boat I guess.

  Rental cars love you! Go rent one and try to break it today!

So, right now, i live in Calgary, AB - and i am recovering from a crazy car crash - i am now fairly certain that when i am more mobile, i will move
to the coast (west) for a few years, then sail and emmigrate to: New Zealand - so anyone from nz who can tell me more about the place and how it is to live there, email me :)

List of current cars I own, in no particular order:
Link to an outdated list of cars I've driven, multiply it by a million, then you have the current tally.

Hey, want to know how to fix/repair/maintain a Ford T5 transmission? look no further
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