ok, in my short life here I have had a few cars, and I shall try and produce a few pictures here

This was my first own car, I bought it with my own money, insured it with my own money and crashed it into a semi all by myself as well.

one more picture for good measure.

I then bought this horrible mess, it was a decent car until the crank bearings started dying, it then sounded absolutely horrible and I used alot of money repairing and having it repaired. This car got broken into after having been parked on my street for a while with a dead engine, and due to the amount of the stolen goods (the car-fi) the value of which was more than half of the car, danish law dictates that the car was totalled. Out of my hands.

One semi-cool thing about this car: I installed much soundness into it, it was a good while ago and I don't much care about aesthetics but it had a 12inch dual coil subwoofer and 10 speakers 'strategically' place all around the car, and a 1400 watt RMS amp to power it all, it sounded rather good and played rather loud. Atleast the neighbours hated it so I was happy.

a picture of the surprisingly nice interiour.

Oh.. I loved this car, I bought it in germany for just over 1000 EUR and it ran like a dream, all the way to a startling 240 km/h. I was supposed to register this when it came home, which I found out would cost me an estimated ~3-4000 Dollars or approximatly: too much. So I was going to save up and register it, but got the chance to move to Canada and sold the vehicle for ~2000 USD, I made good money on this car, and it made me very happy. (While having it I drove on some german plates and I never got stopped by the police, atleast not anything that mattered). I installed a home made cold air intake on this car and it got dynoed at 176.2 HP. Some day, I am going to buy another E30 BMW these things are absolutely rock solid!

pictures of the cool air intake and the gauge cluster
... and finally:

Me... testing it :)

My most recent car, it was kinda funny but I sold it and got ripped off, thank god for people who SUCK!

aaand another one for teh g00d meas00re.

- update! -

Got me a 93 Crown vic!

then got myself an old Audi 5000 :)

Then I got my wonderful audi 200!

after it, i've had a few Toyota Tercels, they both look(ed) (still have one of them) like this:

I currently also have a nice volvo 244Ti

... and the icing:
A nine teen seventy two toyota corona four door ... with a small block chevrolet stuffed in it! :D

There are more pics of everything, randomly cluttered everywhere in the gallery! :)